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Finding the perfect all wood tortilla press doesn’t need to be a chore. The device, while simple, should exhibit a few key features that we will go over in detail here.

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In this guide we cover the top modern fire pits for outdoor living, but with two constrains. The fire pit must be smokeless, and it must be able to burn any type of log.


When it comes to a set of modern kitchen knives things can get a bit… Read More

Buyer's Guides

We found the very best minimalist record players on the market. Form, function, and sound are all key factors in these top choices.


If industrial minimalism is your thing, this industrial minimalist hanging pendant light by CLAXY should be at the top of your list. Simple in design with just enough attention to detail to… Read More

Outdoor Planters

The Rio Bowl is the smallest set of the larger outdoor minimalist concrete garden pots… Read More

Outdoor Planters

This is the medium sized set of large round light gray concrete planters by Campania… Read More


What first caught our eye about this minimalist futon (and probably yours too!) were the… Read More


Leaning ladder racks have become a very popular staple for many homes. These towers are typically used to hang linens. So anything from warm blankets in the living room, to towels and… Read More

Stove Top

Designed by Makoto Koizumi to both be elegant and functional, Koizumi’s Nambu 2016 is the… Read More

Outdoor Planters

Set of three gray concrete planters for the minimalist’s patio or garden. These planters all… Read More


A simple wall mounted spice shelf made from a single piece of 18 gauge folded… Read More

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