Outdoor Furniture

The Ami Ami woven patio table and chairs come in a handful of colors and opacity to better fit your outdoor motif. What we particularly like about the Ami Ami is the… Read More

Cups and Glasses

The Moti-Taste beer glass set comes in an elegant gift box and are designed with… Read More


Winner of the international design award “Spark!”, the Mr. N lamp by Koncept is really… Read More


Designed by Norm Architects for Menu, the marble wall clock was created to bring a… Read More


We instantly fell in love with the bold, colorful, (definitely) minimalist Andromeda wall clocks by Newgate. Available in bright primary colors, red or yellow for those of you who’d like to really… Read More

Vases and Planters

Minimalist vases that seem to have been inspired by ancient pottery. The antique design has… Read More


Here’s a unique piece. A well designed minimalist clock made of clay, finished in matte… Read More


We absolutely love the ribbon clock by Umbra. This wall clock also resembles an asterisk,… Read More


A few weeks ago we posted a review of an industrial hanging lamp by Ecopower that got a lot of attention, and not without good reason. We feel the industrial meets minimalist… Read More

Window Shades

Besides a fresh coat of paint on the walls, minimally inspired windows shades are the… Read More


Pair industrialism with a unique minimalist design for spice cellars, and you’ve got the “MODULE… Read More

Room Accessories

These handmade cement coasters have got just enough color added to maintain a minimal look… Read More

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