Sleek industrial bell-shaped glass pendent lamp by CLAXY Ecopower

Sleek industrial bell-shaped glass pendent lamp by CLAXY Ecopower
Minimalist Love.

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A few weeks ago we posted a review of an industrial hanging lamp by Ecopower that got a lot of attention, and not without good reason. We feel the industrial meets minimalist look can be timeless when done right.

Here we present an even more minimalistic pendent lamp. This lamp is characterized with it’s slight bell shaped curve. This is not your traditional bell shape, however. You will notice that rather than flaring out, the curve continues and then abruptly ends, keeping the lines simple and clean. These are excellent over kitchen islands, bars, or anywhere else you’d like to provide a spot of light without a cumbersome floor lamp.

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  • 5.5 inch diameter
  • 7.9 inches tall
  • 2 lbs
  • Sleek bell shaped clear glass lamp.
  • Metal fixture with brass finish.
  • Vintage Edison style light bulb not included, but can be found here.
  • Lamp shade is held fastened to the base with a safety ring, which is more secure than traditional screws.


This would likely be a weekend project for the DIY’er, or you could have an electrician install them.
We found this short light fixture installation video if you’d like to try installing these minimalist pendant lamps yourself:


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