"Mr. N" Modern Dimming LED Table Lamp by Koncept

"Mr. N" Modern Dimming LED Table Lamp by Koncept
Minimalist Love.

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Winner of the international design award “Spark!”, the Mr. N lamp by Koncept is really something unique. This contemporary dimmable LED table lamp isn’t another cheaply built lamp with a modern look. Every aspect of design was considered with functionality in the forefront of thought. It uses some of today’s latest technology in clever ways to achieve an attractive, and completely usable modern desk lamp.

Dare we say a modern “smart lamp”?

Soft, warm led light uniformly covers the outside of the curved lowercase “n” shaped aluminum structure of the lamp. A gentle touch of your hand to the exposed aluminum base turns the light on and off; while a swiping motion along the same base acts as a dimmer, adjusting the light intensity.

Soft relaxing light, no distractions

With it’s soft light, Mr. N makes an excellent reading, or bedside lamp. It can also be used at your office desk to provide a non-distracting ambient light source.

The metal frame that makes up the Mr. N is available in a natural metallic finish, or in black. Both excellent choices for most minimalist homes.

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Mr. N, A modern and minimalist dimming LED table lamp by Koncept

Mr. N, A modern and minimalist dimming LED table lamp by Koncept


  • Winner of the Spark! design award
  • Modern minimalist look, without buttons or switches
  • Dimming LED technology
  • Dimmer range 0% to 100%
  • UL listed lamp
  • Touch and swipe sensitive controls
  • 10 foot cord allows versatility in placement
  • Aluminum frame
  • Plastic light cover
  • 5 year warrenty
  • 5 watt, 250 Lumens
  • Color Temperature: 2700k
  • 50,000 hour lamp lifetime

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