Black Industrial Minimalist Hanging Pendant Light by CLAXY

Black Industrial Minimalist Hanging Pendant Light by CLAXY
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Also available in a discounted pack of three

If industrial minimalism is your thing, this industrial minimalist hanging pendant light by CLAXY should be at the top of your list. Simple in design with just enough attention to detail to make it truly unique. A perfect pendant for hanging over kitchen islands, dining room tables, or even a small bistro table in the corner. If you are looking to put this over your island or dining room table, we would suggest looking into the three pack to double or triple them up over the surface as needed.

Detailed look at the Black Industrial Minimalist Hanging Pendant Light by CLAXY

We particularly like the black finish. Not glossy, and also not completely dull. It’s somewhere in the middle, let’s say eggshell. This black eggshell finish compliments matte or flat walls, as well as natural wood, and even your pops of color. We do not think you will be disappointed with this versatile minimalist hanging pendant light with it’s unique industrial touch.
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Dining Room Usage of Black Industrial Minimalist Hanging Pendent Lights


  • Adjustable cord length
  • Pendant Height: 7.2 inchs
  • Pendant Diameter: 12.2 inches
  • Minimalist Eggshell Black Finish
  • Industrial, Modern, Unique


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