Elegant Designer "Tower Clock" with Roman Numerals by Lemnos

Elegant Designer "Tower Clock" with Roman Numerals by Lemnos
Minimalist Love.

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Aptly named “Tower Clock”, this wall clock has a contemporary, but elegant look. Reminiscent of something you might see on a clock tower, or inside an 1920s art deco building, we think it could go magnificently with a minimalist’s motif, too.

The classic look comes from the tall, thin font face used for the roman numerals, paired with an equally thin black edge; framing the white clock face.

The Lemnos Tower Clock is made in Japan, out of wood, glass, and an accurate quartz time piece.

This clock is also available with standard Arabic numbers, as well as Numberless. Scroll down to for more images.

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  • Elegant
  • 10 inch Clock Face
  • 2 inches Deep
  • AA Battery Powered
  • Quartz Clock
  • Made in Japan

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