Unique Modern Ceramic Matte White and Tan "Inez" Vases, by Cyan Design

Unique Modern Ceramic Matte White and Tan "Inez" Vases, by Cyan Design
Minimalist Love.

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Minimalist vases that seem to have been inspired by ancient pottery. The antique design has been beautifully deconstructed and modernized with a soft matte white finish. The upper portion is finished with a stylish textured tan that almost resembles coiled twine. Available in three different sizes for you to mix and match (all three are pictured, and priced separately).

These Inez vases could have a variety of applications, for different settings. We envision them working perfectly with an exposed wood table and maybe a bouquet of dried wildflowers or chaparral. Another great location could be on a rustic wood wall shelf.

All in all, the designers at Cyan Design have done an excellent job with the ceramic Inez vase series. How ever you decide to use them, we know they will get a lot of good attention from your guests.

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  • Small: 10 inches in diameter, 8.75 inches tall
  • Medium: 12.75 inches in diameter, 11.5 inches tall
  • Large: 10 inches in diameter, 15.75 inches tall
  • Color: Matte White lower with a textured tan upper portion
  • Construction material: Ceramic

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