Window Shades

Besides a fresh coat of paint on the walls, minimally inspired windows shades are the first thing you should invest in to get your house or room looking, well, minimal. Best Home… Read More


Pair industrialism with a unique minimalist design for spice cellars, and you’ve got the “MODULE… Read More

Room Accessories

These handmade cement coasters have got just enough color added to maintain a minimal look… Read More

Vases and Planters

Lechuza planters are ideal minimalist planters. They embody the minimalist style in many of their… Read More

Room Accessories

These stylish hand made wooden trays are built to hold your favorite small items in a way that doesn’t look messy. We’ve come up with a short list of possible uses for… Read More


This square occasional table is an interesting geometric piece that can be a nice addition… Read More

Room Accessories

This hand crafted minimalist serving tray by Gleaming Renditions looks great on kitchen or coffee… Read More


This coffee table doubles as an end table, bedside table, and is even sturdy enough… Read More


A high quality piece of furniture that can be used as a night stand, end table, or general storage cabinet. Styled in a contemporary way, with simple contrasting Dark Brown (almost Black)… Read More


These minimalist glass pendant lamps can look great in the kitchen. Hanging over an island,… Read More

Vases and Planters

Industrial, modern, and definitely minimalist. The Willmann glass & concrete vase by Menu stands tall;… Read More

Bowls and Plates

Minimalism is not about being boring. It does not mean your dishes, bowl sets, or… Read More

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