Hand made oak "Giving Vessel". An all purpose wooden tray

Hand made oak "Giving Vessel". An all purpose wooden tray
Minimalist Love.

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These stylish hand made wooden trays are built to hold your favorite small items in a way that doesn’t look messy.
We’ve come up with a short list of possible uses for these small wooden table-top boxes

For the home

  • Use them to hold your favorite jewelry.
  • Can’t seem to get rid of the nicknacks? Put them on display!
  • Put your favorite personal mementos in one place.
  • Fill it with Himalayan salt, to be displayed on the kitchen table.

Own a restaurant or coffee shop?

  • Excellent for holding small succulent plants.
  • Use them to decorate the tables.
  • A tip jar that people wont miss.
  • Fill one with coffee beans and mint leaves and put it on display.

These are just a few things we come up with, but get creative! These have unlimited uses and will always look good.

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  • Hand made in Seattle
  • A collaborative work by SML and artist Emily Lucey
  • Made of Red Oak, also available in Walnut
  • Height: 2.5 in.
  • Width: 6.5 in.
Example of the oak Giving Vessel tray for table display

Example of the Giving Vessel tray for table display


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