Ultra Minimalist Grey Concrete Coffee Table by Patrick Cain Designs

Ultra Minimalist Grey Concrete Coffee Table by Patrick Cain Designs
Minimalist Love.

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This coffee table doubles as an end table, bedside table, and is even sturdy enough to be used as a stool.
These tables are hand made in Los Angeles, California. They feature a steel base painted in silk white, topped with concrete that’s finished with a clear coat.

If you are planning on using this as a coffee table, we’d suggest getting two, or combining this with something that would match it well, just due to the square dimensions of it. They look great side by side.

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  • Concrete top
  • White painted steel base
  • Measures: 17 x 17 x 18.5 inches
Ultra minimalist white steel and concrete topped coffee table, stool, or end table by Patrick Cain Designs

Detail of the concrete and steel table by Patrick Cain Designs

We really love a lot of the work Patrick Cain Designs does, and the philosophy behind it. Always taking an environmental friendly approach to the design and production of each item. Take a look at the PCD website. You’ll be inspired.

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