Contemporary Rocking Chair, "GT Rocker" by Gus Modern

Contemporary Rocking Chair, "GT Rocker" by Gus Modern
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This contemporary rocking chair by Gus Modern is an extremely comfortable take on the classic rocker. It features a unique minimalist look, and is available in a variety of colors. The GT Rocker is composed of three main cushions, thick and comfortable, but not overwhelming. All are fastened to a single solid steel rocking frame.

There are a few intricacies to note about this particular rocker. First, and most prominent is the placement of the chair cushions. Ideal for lounging, they were inspired by 1970s muscle cars as well as the lounge seating in airports. Then we have the frame. You may not have noticed at first glance, but the frame is actually welded together, which essentially turns the base into a single piece of steel. That means this chair is as rigid as they get. You don’t have to worry about it getting rickety, or breaking. To finish things off, the joints between the welded frame pieces are all finished with smooth curves and angles. All welds are thus hidden; solidifying the feeling of unity, and making this a truly well planned and executed piece.

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  • Overall Dimensions: Width 26 inches, Height 32 inches, Depth 39 inches
  • Seat Height: 16 inches
  • Felt strips on rocker base to protect hardwood floors
  • All Gus Modern fabric is Cal 117 certified and double rub tested
  • Dacron-wrapped medium density polyurethane foam cushion fill
  • FSC-Certified wood seat and back frames
  • Bench-made solid steel rocker frame
  • Black powder coat finish
  • Warranty: 1 year upholstery, 10 year frame/springs


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