Minimalist Linen Futon Couch With Retro Wood Legs

Minimalist Linen Futon Couch With Retro Wood Legs
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Available in Black and Grey

What first caught our eye about this minimalist futon (and probably yours too!) were the strong 45 degree angles that embellish the backrest and seat.
DHP is known for their stylish couches and beds. Each piece of furniture they make is minimalist by design, but contains a tastefully added element to make it truly unique. Here, without a doubt, that element is the choice of linen fabric, matched with classic wooden legs giving the couch a refined retro style.

Other things to note are the symmetrical design, and the fact that the back folds down to double as a futon bed; making it a great piece of minimalist furniture for small spaces.

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  • Mid-Century / Refined retro style
  • Linen upholstery
  • Strong diagonals
  • Available in Black and Grey
  • 33.5″ Deep, 78.5″ Wide, 32″ Tall
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