Top Modern Minimalist Record Players, A Buyer’s Guide

Top Modern Minimalist Record Players, A Buyer’s Guide
Records and the turntables that spin them have had a resurgence in recent years both among audiophiles and casual listeners. We’d bet this has something to do with the superior sound records provide, nostalgia, or the need for music to be tangible again. Whatever your reason, if you frequent our site, we already know you’d like one that looks good! We’ve made this buyers guide for minimalist record players to help you find that perfect turntable.

Bang & Olufsen Beogram, classic minimalist record players

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Bang & Olufsen's Minimalist Record Player, Beogram 1800

Bang & Olufsen Beogram 1800 Buy now on eBay

In 1972 Danish industrial designer Jakob Jensen created the first truly minimalist record player. One that redefined the way turntables should look. It was the Beogram 4000 for Bang & Olufsen, and with it sleek, stylish, and uniquely modern record players were born. Bang & Olufsen went on to create a whole series of minimalist turntables that embodied swiss design right down to the Helvetica type. They range from modern minimalism, to classic complete with wooden finishes. But one aspect they all share is attention to detail, sleek design, and slim form factors. These record players were designed with such care that they are still relevant and highly sought after today. Beograms are no longer manufactured, but are available on ebay. Used prices range from  $200 to $1,000+ depending on model and condition.
Bang & Olufsen's Classic Minimlaist Record Player, Beogram 4000

Bang & Olufsen Beogram 4000 Buy now on eBay

Want to read more about Bang & Olufsen’s minimalist record players? Check out this excellent Beogram history post.

Sony PS-HX500, the perfect modern record player for lovers of Scandinavian design

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Sony's modern record player, the PS-HX500

Sony’s modern record player, the PS-HX500 Buy now on Amazon

Sony’s PS-HX500 is our top modern record player pick. Not only is it a minimalist turntable by design, but it also received a five star rating from What Hi-Fi in 2016 for superior sound quality. This is an excellent player for those with a Scandinavian design motif. It’s simplicity and somewhat dull black finish make it a must have piece in a high contrast space. Another aspect that sets this minimalist turntable apart is it’s USB output in addition to standard RCA.


REGA Planar 2, high gloss contemporary minimalist record players

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REGA Planar 2 Modern Minimalist Record Players

REGA Planar 2 Modern Minimalist Turntable Buy now on Amazon

The REGA Planar 2 is a unique find that is available in black, white, or red and finished with a clear acrylic platter. It has an almost futuristic look. This is a highly rated record player in both form and function. With great sound quality and an ultra minimalist look, this could be the perfect record player for a contemporary home or room.
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