Large Round “Rio Bowl” Minimalist Gray Outdoor Concrete Garden Pots

Large Round “Rio Bowl” Minimalist Gray Outdoor Concrete Garden Pots
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Also available in Medium and Large sets.

The Rio Bowl is the smallest set of the larger outdoor minimalist concrete garden pots by Campania International. The gray is soft in tone and dubbed “Playa Blanca”. While you may have the pefect back yard placement in mind for these, we feel these smaller bowls can be particularly nice for the front yard. Especially when bought together with either the larger or medium sets which could be placed in the back yard, effectively tying the two spaces together for a more cohesive home.

These round outdoor garden pots are constructed with fiber cement which is a type of cement that is noted for it’s improved crack resistance and is significantly lighter in weight. Two aspects that make these concrete planters extremely tasteful in design and function.

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  • Set includes three planters with drainage holes in the bottom.
  • Large: Diameter: 19.75″ Height: 8″
  • Medium: Diameter: 15.25″ Height: 6.25″
  • Small: Diameter: 11.75″ Height: 4.75″
  • Total set weight: 55 lbs.
  • Fiber Cement is frost and UV resistant and 25% lighter than concrete.


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