Large Round Light Gray Concrete Planter Set

Large Round Light Gray Concrete Planter Set
Minimalist Love.

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Also available in Small and Large sets.

This is the medium sized set of large round light gray concrete planters by Campania International. The series is named “Playa Blanca” and any of the three sizes would make an excellent choice for minimalist outdoor patio and garden planters — It really comes down to what you need for the space you have in mind and your budget.

Possibly the most appealing aspect of any Playa Blanca series is the fact that you receive three planters as a set. They can be arranged in such a way to tie you’re whole yard together, or you could group them together making a nice focal point for your outdoor space.

These round outdoor planter pots are constructed with fiber cement which is a type of cement that is noted for it’s improved crack resistance and is significantly lighter in weight. Two aspects that make these concrete planters extremely tasteful in design and function.

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  • Large: 21.75″ dia x 21.75″ tall
  • Medium: 16.5″ dia x 16.5″ tall
  • Small: 11.75″ dia x 11.75″ tall
  • 73 pounds in total
  • Drainage holes in bottom
  • Fiber Cement: 25% lighter than tradition cement.
  • Frost and UV Resistant



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