Tall Minimalist Home Leaning Ladder Rack, Metal and Wood by Yamazaki

Tall Minimalist Home Leaning Ladder Rack, Metal and Wood by Yamazaki
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Leaning ladder racks have become a very popular staple for many homes. These towers are typically used to hang linens. So anything from warm blankets in the living room, to towels and washcloths in the bathroom. But you needn’t stop there. They can be used with These S-hooks to hang purses, keys, and other items that need quick storage and quick access.
Designed in Japan by Yamazaki home, this minimalist leaning ladder rack was made with careful consideration of our modern style; that is not to say it is completely modern. We have here a tall home ladder rack that embodies the ancient feng shui elements of both metal and wood, with the top rung completing the look.
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Detailed example of this minimalist leaning ladder rack for the home.


  • Available in White or Black
  • 63″ Tall, 17.7″ Wide
  • Top standoff is 4″ from the wall
  • Bottom will stand around 12″ from the wall
  • Steel & wood
  • Designed in Japan

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