Black Floating Wall Shelves by Kiera Grace

Black Floating Wall Shelves by Kiera Grace
Minimalist Love.

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This set of floating wall shelves is ideal for someone on a budget, but also looking for something sturdy, and expensive looking. They can really help provide that contemporary minimalist look you are gong for. Placement will be your biggest issue, and we really advise you give it some thought before putting these up. Check out our installation section below for some tips on putting up floating wall shelves.

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  • Set of 3 floating wall shelves in Black finish
  • Set includes: 1.5x12x5″ max 5lb,1.5×16″5 max 8lb and 1.5x24x5″ max 10lb
  • Hanging hardware included for easy hanging
  • Mounts perfectly level and flush against the wall


One simple trick that we use to assist us in placing floating shelves on the wall, is black painters tape. By cutting the tape into the length of each shelf, you can stick it up on the wall in different places to help visualize exactly where you need them. This method saves a lot of headache, and holes in the wall! You can pick up some black painters tape on Amazon for super cheap. Believe us, it’s better than filling holes and getting out the touch-up paint. We’ve been there too many times.

Installation is fairly straight forward after you figure out where they should go. The main tools you’ll need are,

  • A stud finder
  • Drill with a screw driver attachment
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil (do not use a ball point pen or marker!)
  • And a level

Obviously you can get away with putting floating shelves up without all of these tools, but they are recommended to help make the installation fool-proof.

We found this informative video that shows the general steps you’ll be needing to take to install your floating wall shelves.

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