Modern Kitchen Knife Set, Professional Cutlery by Material

Modern Kitchen Knife Set, Professional Cutlery by Material
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When it comes to a set of modern kitchen knives things can get a bit dicey. You want something that looks great and matches you motif, but you don’t know if you can trust the quality of that off brand (that looks perfect). This is where Material cutlery comes in.

Some of the sharpest modern kitchen knives

Demonstration of the sharpest kitchen knife set by Material
Three layers of Japanese steel make this knife set incredibly sharp & durable

We’ve all been there. You’re trying to dice some carrots for tonight’s soup and it’s like you’re at the gym working on your arms all over again. Or worse, your dull knife slips! Let’s save the workout for the gym. All material kitchen knives are forged in three layers of Japanese steel. These blades come sharp, and stay sharp longer.

A balanced modern kitchen knife set. (Not just visually pleasing)

Demonstration of Balanced kitchen knives
A well balanced kitchen knife makes a world of difference.

Most Chef will confirm, the next most important thing to a sharp blade is a balanced knife for the the kitchen. Once you have a balanced knife in your hand, you will know exactly what they mean. A balanced kitchen knife will cut down on wrist strain from repetitive cutting, and makes dicing a breeze. So while this modern kitchen knife set remains visually balanced, they are also physically balanced providing a pleasant cooking experience.

More than modern knife sets

Minimalist and modern German stainless steel kitchen shears
The best German stainless steel kitchen shears

From frying pans to kitchen sheers, if you’re looking to complete your kitchen, look no further than Material. With a growing line of modern kitchenware, you can have a complete, functional, and minimal kitchen without breaking the bank. Shop Material Kitchenware.

Low price, great quality

The founders (Eunice and Dave) at Material had a simple goal. They wanted to create robust kitchenware with a modern look, but it was important to provide it at an unbeatable price. This is something small companies can get away with. They don’t have enormous overhead with thousands of employees. Eunice & Dave can simply focus on the art, make amazing products, and pass the savings on to you.

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