"Aperture" Stainless Steel Spice Shelf by Desu Design

"Aperture" Stainless Steel Spice Shelf by Desu Design
Minimalist Love.

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A simple wall mounted spice shelf made from a single piece of 18 gauge folded stainless steel. Each shelf holds 8 corked top glass spice jars (included). We particularly like this spice shelf because it solves an issue that so many other shelves have; a tendency toward disarray. Most spice shelves or racks tend to look messy with their open, almost too simplistic designs. The Aperture spice rack accomplishes a neat look by aligning and framing all spice jars between the steel walls of the shelf. This allows you to get creative with your spices. Combine their earthy colors to make your own ever-changing work of art.

The main vision behind Dasu Design is an attempt to blur the line between art and design with each item. We think this piece accomplishes that goal nicely, and would be an excellent addition to most minimalist kitchens.

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"Aperture" a minimalist stainless steel spice shelf by Desu Design

“Aperture” a minimalist stainless steel spice shelf by Desu Design


  • Material: 18 gauge stainless steel
  • Size: Width: 18″, Depth: 2.50″, Height: 4.25″
  • 8 glass spice jars and cork stoppers included with each rack.
  • Simply fastens to your kitchen wall with two screws

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