Geometric Origami Hanging Lamp by Nellianna

Geometric Origami Hanging Lamp by Nellianna
Minimalist Love.

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Beautifully minimal, one of a kind geometric hanging light from the Netherlands. There are a few different different colors available, so you are sure to find something that will fit your space. If you decide to go with a color, this lamp alone could be the perfect pop your space needs. These are not inexpensive, but when you are buying something this unique you can only expect that.

One thing that we noticed is that these lamps like to collect some dust in the different geometric facets. The best way we found to clean them is with compressed air, canned air would work just fine.


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  • Porcelain socket, and a 3 meter textile cord
  • Folded paper lampshade
  • Roughly 8 inch square in size
  • User manual included
  • Hand made in the Netherlands


Installation of the lampshade itself is a straightforward process, detailed in the included manual. You will however need to have an electrician install the hanging lamp. If you want to give installation a shot on your own, we found this very helpful (and short!) general lamp installation video: Installing a Light Fixture

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