Lemos "Dandelion" Wall Clock by Japanese designer Nendo

Lemos "Dandelion" Wall Clock by Japanese designer Nendo
Minimalist Love.

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“A wall clock that tells the time using numbers of seed heads on the Dandelion clocks, rather than numerals. It alludes to time flowing onward like seed heads dancing lightly upon the wind”

Clocks available in three neutral colors,

A wonderfully minimal clock face designed by Japanese designer Nendo. There are no numbers on this clock, but rather the number of “seed heads” dictate the time. We always like to see design done like this, and it’s nearly always a welcome addition to a space. Nendo provided us with three colors to choose from, White, Grey, and Beige, so finding something that works in your space should not be a problem. Well, that last line is said in that it should not be a problem to find a color that matches, but these clocks are actually on the rare side.

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Ultra Minimalist Dandelion Wall Clock Comes in Three Subtle Colors

These minimalist clocks are available in three neutral colors Gery, White, and Beige


  • Dimensions : 29cm Round by 4cm thick
  • Material : abs ( thermoplastic polymer ) good chock resistance, rigid and lightweight
  • AA battery powered
  • Made in Japan


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