Kassatex Hotel Bath Towels

Kassatex Hotel Bath Towels
Minimalist Love.

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These Turkish made, 100% Egyptian cotton towels are finely crafted, and can be a perfect touch of texture to your minimalist bathroom. These are durable enough to be use poolside. They are offered in three different colors, White, Natural, and Linen.

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General Info

  • 100% Egyptian cotton
  • Waffle/Terry construction for lasting elegance and absorbency
  • Colors: White, Natural, Linen
  • Care label hanger loop
  • 630 GSM
  • Made in Turkey

Sizes Available

  • Bath Towel: 30″ x 54″
  • Hand Towel: 18″ x 30″
  • Wash Towel: 13″ x 13″
  • Bath Sheet: 34″ x 66″
  • Tubmat: 20″ x 34
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